Rest in Peace

This week we lost one of our friends and Co - worker.One of the best Guys for Glass replacement on Classic Cars.Rest in Peace Oscar - it was a pleasure to get to know you.You went a way too early.Our hearts are with your Family.

shipping Delays

NOTE: over the past weeks we have received several notifications regarding delays in shipping !!

In regard to delays, through the holiday season we experienced many delays with all the carriers due to high volume and overbooking, we booked with several carriers, MSC, HAPAG, HAMBURGSUD, ETC. to try to avoid delyas but for the most part the holiday season was a major factor in various delays.


Paypal macht mehr und mehr probleme mit ueberweisungen.Einige Betraege werden 21 tage festgehalten - Das macht weder fuer uns noch fuer einen kunden Sinn.Bankueberweisungen dauern 3-4 tage und sind fuer jeden nachvollziehbar und viel guenstiger.Wir werden in Zukunft davon absehen Paypal service zu benutzen.


Paypal has a practice now to put a Hold on Money transfers for 21 Days - this makes no sence either for us nor a customer.A bank wire transfer is much cheaper  and takes only 3-4 Days.